Departing from Montsapey

Black Lake circuit

Duration: 4:30 . Nice view of the Maurienne , the departure is at Tioulévé or Rouelles Bridge to Lake Black ( 2014m ) . Possible access to Grand Arc ( 2484m ), plus 2h30 . Panorama across the Alps.

Circuit the Alpages

Duration: 4:30 . Balcony trail connecting the alpine chalets ( Rouelles , Ferriere, Vénitier , The Tower). Starting point to the heights of the Lauzière (some routes will be signposted soon). Curiosity : Beautiful waterfall .

Nature & Souvenirs

Duration: 1h00 . 120m vertical drop , marked family walk , starting at Tioulévé .

Circuit du Moulin

Duration: 2:00 . 308m elevation gain , starting from the Cauldron Inn.

Circuit Lauzière

Alpages extension of the circuit. Duration: 1:20 . 510m elevation gain , starting at Bridge of Rouelles .

Circuit Trou du Loup

Duration: 3h00 . 420m vertical drop , start from the Chapel of Montsapey .


The Montagnera

Village festival in Montsapey, activities around the transhumance. Discover + Discover the site of the City of Montsapey.

Arts Jaillissants

The beginning of festival not like the others! Expo contemporary visual art , varied music program. Actor- narrators, hiking, concerts, snacks in the farms, 30,000 spectators since 1991!   Discover +

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