Most of the products we use for our kitchen and delight your taste buds come from our region (except of course spices and condiments !).
Small producers, manufacturers, breeders, selflessly dedicated to their craft.
Feel free to visit them, because they often have no large advertising possibilities.
Similarly, you will find some of their products for sale at the Auberge Le Chaudron.

fromage beaufort la chambre

The Cooperative of  la Chambre village

it brings together 25 farmers passionate about their work , in the heart of the Maurienne valley. It has a maturing cellar , a manufacturing hall , brine, and two stores, located in “La Chambre” and “Saint François Longchamp” villages. Every day, the trucks travel the roads of 14 municipalities collecting milk . It occurs daily on 5 sectors : Montaimont , Jarrier , La Chapelle Saint Michel de Maurienne, and Foncouverte . About 250 kilometers are traveled every day of the year. We process more than 2.5 million liters of milk per year. This milk is then processed to produce a great cheese: Beaufort .
Most of our milk producers are pluri -active . Wishing to live and work throughout the year to the mountain, they had to adapt to the seasons . Thus the winter , many hold positions in ski resorts: ski instructors , boom operators or even trackers.

Coopérative Laitière de la Chambre
Grande Rue, 73130 La Chambre,


L’escargot du Nivolet

The hélicicole farm Yves Rinchet, producer near Chambery, allowed us to offer popular dishes of our customers, and even to the snail to honor the evenings time dedicated to this very interesting product.

L’Escargot du Nivolet
243 rue des sablons
73230 Saint Alban Leysse

Phone : 04 79 72 63 36
Portable : 06 18 69 08 48

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Miellerie des Hurtières en Savoie certifiée Agriculture Biologique

Honey House of Massif des Hurtières

Royal jelly , gingerbread , propolis, candy … Common to all of these products is honey !
Audrey and Frederic Petitjean produce for years a variety of bee products, including many kinds of acacia honey, chestnut or mountain products.

Honey House of Hurtières is certified organic agriculture , ensuring a honey quality and nature friendly.

La Miellerie du Massif des Hurtières
Plan de la Croix
73220 Saint-Georges-d’Hurtières
Téléphone : 04 79 71 58 46
Fax : 04 79 71 58 46

fromages chèvres en Savoie pour l'Auberge le Chaudron

Ferme des Cathelins

Breeders of sheep and dairy goats to Montgilbert , Jean- Michel and Amélie process milk produced on the farm milk cheese, tomme , seracs , strainers and yoghurt.
You can find them every Tuesday morning in the market Aiguebelle or farm where they will be pleased to welcome you from 17h to 19h for you to share their craft.

Ferme des Cathelins
Les Cathelins
73220 Montgilbert
06 09 40 76 06
06 64 15 02 57
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fromages savoyards fermiers pour l'auberge du Chaudron Montsapey

Les Fromages de Marius

Between Albertville and Chambery, cheesemakers welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday from 8 am to 12 am and from 15h pm to 19h pm

Christin Gilles et Laurence
Rue Auguste Domenget
73250 Saint-Pierre-d’Albigny

Contact-us : 04 79 36 48 20

Cave des Vins Fins de Cruet

Open every day Sunday and holidays from 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 19:00.

In 1939, the winemakers of 3 towns come together to create the Cave des Vins Fins Cruet. Located in the heart of the Combe de Savoie, the vineyards stretch on the southern slope of the Bauges the communes of Saint Jeoire Priory until Freterive, through Chignin, Francin, Montmelian, Arbin Cruet, Saint John Gateway and Saint Pierre d’Albigny.

The winemakers vendangent manually and separately each variety at optimum maturity. The harvest is then fed to the Cave de Cruet to be vinified after rigorous qualitative and quantitative control. Raised, selected and packaged in our winery, our wines are only from grapes of members to our growers cooperative.

Modern winemaking techniques and traditional methods allow our wines reflect the identity of the variety and express the best of Savoie Earth. We offer white wines Jacquère, Chardonnay, Altesse (Roussette de Savoie) and Roussanne (Chignin Bergeron) from Kimmeridgian marl, while the best of the Tithonian limestone scree produce excellent red wines from Gamay, Pinot and Mondeuse. If Jacquère grape finds its terroir with raw Chignin and Cruet, Mondeuse flourishes Arbin and especially St. John of the door, his original thought.

Cave des Vins Fins de Cruet
57, place de la gare
73800 CRUET
Tél. : 04 79 84 28 52
Fax : 04 79 84 08 70